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March 30, 2012… Our lives changed forever when our daughter, who was 3y/o at that time, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. A year later, she was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Both are chronic medical conditions. Both are autoimmune diseases wherein her body attacks her immune system. Though they are not curable at this time, both are easily manageable.

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Gluten-free Friendly

Hershey’s Ice Cream has a wide variety of flavors made with gluten free ingredients. The only brand of ice cream we trust when it comes to our daughter. Hillbilly Farms is a local business here in Florida that also specializes in Gluten-free baked goods as the founder is Celiac herself. We have separate freezers and dedicated preparation area that is strictly gluten free. Every equipment that we have is duplicate, from freezers, to scoops, mixers, containers, cups, etc, to make sure there is always one set of everything that is dedicated to gluten free.

Type 1 Diabetes Friendly

It’s all about carb counting. For each flavor of ice cream, there is carbs per weight per serving available. We can provide the close to exact carbs you need upon request, to properly cover your insulin correction as you enjoy our ice cream.

Delicious Taste

We proudly serve Hershey’s Ice Cream. A brand since 1894, known for their rich taste and quality. Made from fresh cream and fresh condensed milk. Using the highest quality cocoa available. Fruit flavors are made from hand picked fresh frozen fruits. “ Real ingredients. Real Ice Cream. Real smiles.”

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