Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Celiac?

    An autoimmune disorder, a chronic medical condition, wherein an ingestion of Gluten- a protein found in wheat, barley and rye and any foods and drinks that may contain these grains, causes the body’s own immune system to react to it and causes damage to the small intestine, thus causing malnutrition, delayed growth, skin rash, GI issues, weight loss, mood changes, poor memory.

  • What is Type-1 Diabetes?

    An autoimmune disorder, a chronic medical condition, mostly affecting kids, wherein the body’s own immune system attacks its own pancreas, specifically the insulin producing Beta cells of the pancreas, thus stopping the production of insulin. Insulin is a hormone, that acts like a key to the cells of the body to be able to let the carbs in which is then converted into energy. Without insulin, the carbs will stay in the bloodstream, causing high blood sugar, destroying organs. The cells will starve from not getting the carbs they need. It will produce acid that is harmful to the body.

  • How are we gluten free friendly?

    We proudly serve Hershey’s Ice Cream, a brand known for its rich taste, flavor and quality. A brand we trust when our daughter eats ice cream. We have a wide variety of selections of flavors that is made with gluten free ingredients, which will be clearly marked. We have a dedicated preparation area, also clearly marked, wherein all equipment, mixers, ice cream scoops, serving spoons, etc. will only be used with gluten free products. We will have mostly gluten free products in the store including sugar cones, syrups, drizzles, sprinkles, gluten free brownies, gluten free Oreos, etc. for the sundaes and shakes. We will always keep in mind that regular people can eat gluten free, but Celiacs can’t have gluten, so therefore our store will be filled with mostly gluten free products.

  • How are we Type-1 Diabetic friendly?

    It’s all about carb counting. For each flavor, there is a specific carbs per serving. We will be able to give that information to you when asked. We will scoop and weigh your ice cream, and give you the close to exact amount of carbs per serving per weight, thus would make it easier for you to cover your insulin needs, without the guessing. Additionally, we will have a variety of NSA (No Sugar Added) and reduced fat ice cream selections!

  • Do we also have regular ice cream?

    Yes! Although most of our ice creams and products available in the shop are gluten free, and even though you can hardly tell the difference in taste and flavor between the gluten free and the non-gluten free ice creams, we still carry regular ice creams containing gluten. There are still some unique flavors that are not currently available in gluten free choices.

  • How confident are we to serve Celiacs and Type 1 Diabetics?

    We are living the life of having to deal with these medical conditions on a daily basis with our daughter for almost a decade now. Also, me and my wife are both board certified RN’s by profession. We will make sure that our staff is properly trained and properly educated about Celiacs and Type 1 diabetics, safe enough for them to render basic information and prevent cross contamination.